Day 3. Ventosa

It is Friday 13th today. Luckily we are not superstitious 🙂 Still at the end of the day 3 knees were scratched and there were two cases of stumbling (with no serious consequences).

We follow the track of foxes (Carros de Foc) back to the Restanca. Carros de Foc is a network of the mountain paths connecting nine mountain refuges(this includes Restanca, Ventosa and Colomers). The track from Ventosa to Restanca turns out to be tougher as expected. Some ups and downs while we were at a mountain pass. It is not easy to find a pass – we walk to several gaps on the mountain ridge before to find it. Only a chaos of rocks and stones on the other side. At last we notice two rocks baring the track signs.. The path here is extremely steep but we descend with caution encouraged by the signs.

The descend is followed by the walk through the rocky slope and then by some kind of a rocky path. This takes us to refuge Restanca.

Before the refuge we turn aside to take a look at lake Estanh de Mar and have a lunch.

Then comes the very long descend to Arties.

Download file: Ventosa Arties.gpx
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