Uelhs Deth Joeu and Saut deth Pish

Sort of recovery day today. Two short tracks – a couple of km each. Watching subterranean river to flow out at first. The thing has name Uelhs Deth Joeu. The river disappears somewhere at the Aneto glaciers and returns at the surface here. To reach it must drive some 9km by very winding and narrow road. Some parts of the road are driven away here as well during the June storms.

The outflow of the river on the rocky slope by the gaps between rocks is rather impressive.

Download file: 14 Uelhs Deth Joeu.gpx

Next we return to the highway and then follow other sample of narrow and winding road to take a look at Saut deth Pish waterfall. It falls by the vertical wall of height of 12 store building. Rainbow at the bottom. We enjoy the waterfall from the sightseeing platform, then ascend to the upper end. A couple of smaller waterfalls higher in the mountains appear to our sight here.

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