Carbet falls

Destination for today is the Carbet waterfalls – they are three in total, we go for the first and second.

The path from the parking place to the second waterfall is covered with tiles and features ladders. One can view the  waterfall from the sight point at some 100m distance. Closer access is not allowed but the sight is gorgeous anyway. 

Path to the first waterfall is not as boring. Ladders and footbridges for the start but then gradually this transforms to a rocky path..

Uphills and downhills are rather steep. After 1550m cumulative height difference and a couple of hours we are next to the first Carbet waterfall.

Download file: 2019-11-21-i1.gpx

Colors are fascinating. The weather has flipped several times – from sunny to cloudy and back.

On the way back we stop and have a walk around the lake with a proud name – Grand Etang (the large lake).

Download file: 2019-11-21-i2.gpx
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