May 302013
LoRa after 24km in Otepe-Elva

Nujo team does not exist anymore 🙁 Hence we decided to build a new Nordic Walking team LoRa as an extension of our group of mountain hikers LoRa 🙂

LoRa team has 5 members now. Benita and Imants (alias Lo), as well as Ilze and Juris (alias Ra) came to the team from the hikers group. Gaida is a newcomer (we hope there will be more 🙂 ).

The first Nordic Walking event for the new team is at 15th June – the World championship in Nordic Walking halfmarathon in Roding, Germany.

The route mainly (95%) follows forest roads, only 5% is an asphalt. The route consists of 2.2km lap followed by 3 laps of 6.25km. As of today (30th May) 190 walkers from 7 nations (Germany, Austria, Italy, Latvia, France, Spain, Slovakia) have registered. About twenty new participants register daily. About 2/3 are men!

We hope to have your support – at least in the form of cheering comments to this page 🙂

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  1. Great team. thanks for the post. Keep posting your latest walking pictures too.

    • Thanks, Edwin. Our team has grown in the meantime to more than 10 members. We are preparing for the next NW race in Roding on 24.05.2014. It would be great to see NW from Australia there as well 🙂

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