Nordic Walking

LoRa gets ready for Roding

LoRa after 24km in Otepe-Elva

Nujo team does not exist anymore 🙁 Hence we decided to build a new Nordic Walking team LoRa as an extension of our group of mountain hikers LoRa 🙂

LoRa team has 5 members now. Benita and Imants (alias Lo), as well as Ilze and Juris (alias Ra) came to the team from the hikers group. Gaida is a newcomer (we hope there will be more 🙂 ).

The first Nordic Walking event for the new team is at 15th June – the World championship in Nordic Walking halfmarathon in Roding, Germany.

The route mainly (95%) follows forest roads, only 5% is an asphalt. The route consists of 2.2km lap followed by 3 laps of 6.25km. As of today (30th May) 190 walkers from 7 nations (Germany, Austria, Italy, Latvia, France, Spain, Slovakia) have registered. About twenty new participants register daily. About 2/3 are men!

We hope to have your support – at least in the form of cheering comments to this page 🙂