Paris – Belleville

Off to get the bibs and everything for tomorrows race. Huge tent is set up next to Eiffel tower – exactly like the year before. On a walls outside the tent are the lists of the participants (they say that total number is about 10 thousands, 200 will be our competitors in 32km Nordic Walking race).

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We get the participants envelope (bib, train ticket and everything) and some extra accessories. We take a look at the multiple stands inside the tent with goods for runners and walkers. The stands of the organizers of events in Morbihan, Venice etc are here as well.It’s a pity one can’t have everything.

We take everyhing to the hotel and drive metro to Belleville – the unlucky sister of Monmartre (the second highest hill of Paris does not attracts tourists like it’ s lucky sister Monmartre). Still it has something to show. Edith Piaff has came to the world here and Maurice Chevalier started his carrier in Belleville.

We walk up the Rue Belleville and then turn right to the Park Belleville. The park is located on the slope and forms many terraces. There is a wonderful view on the Paris from the upper terrace.

We proceed back to hottel by another (2nd) line of the metro to place Charles de Gaulle and then by 6th line over the Seine and over the blvrd de Grenelle to our Dupleix station.