Pont d’Espagne and Cauterets

We drive to the pass Col d’Aubisque. It is foggy – as higher we drive as fog is getting thicker. We park a car on the pass and move on to the summit Soum de Grum. We follow the path – the fog is so thick we can see only a couple of meters ahead. Suddenly the horse appears from the fog – scary. We get through to the summit but one can see a little around. We have to retreat to our car. Downhill I drive mostly on the second gear and with fog lights on. Fog is so thick that the only thing one can see is the white stripe on the middle of the road. I follow the line and very slowly we manage to get down and out of the fog.

Next we drive through Cauterets to a nearby Raillere village. There a beautiful track starts – Chemin de Cascades or Waterfall track. It is an hour and a half hike uphill by the torrent full of small waterfalls. Some of them really nice. The weather becomes damper – something it feels like raining, sometimes not 🙂 The clothes get wet nevertheless. The track leads us to the famous Pont d’Espagne or Spanish bridge. There is a parking place for 1200 cars – tells about the popularity of this place. We look around and take some photos, then get back to our car.

We drive further to Cauterets – a town situated 9000m above see level. here we stay in a studio. It costs Euro190 per week, very friendly offer indeed. When settled in we go out to see the town. It rains a little but still we see that Cauterets is pretty and clean (as everything we have seen in Pyrenees).

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