Porte d’Enfer

Everything is intuitive in Guadeloupe. We stay in Basse-Terre island. The name of the island means – the low land. Why the low land? Bacause here are the highest mountains of the Guadelope 🙂 . Today we are heading to another island – to Grande-Terre (or the large land). Guess if it is greater than Basse-Terre.

The destination for today is a place with a lovely name – Porte d’Enfer (or door to the hell). The place is close to the far North of  Grande-terre.

We start with a very North of Grande-Terre that is named – Pointe de la Grande Vigie.

Download file: 2019-11-18-i1.gpx

Having don with the very north we proceed to the Porte d’Enfer that turns out to be a narrow sea strait. The paths goes by the sea cliffs through an abundance of greasy green plants. We wander how they can grow on those bare cliffs.

We have to use the raincoats as the large watering can that was all the way before or after or near, has hit the target (i.e. us) at last.

The night comes as usual – skipping the evening, soon after we have a bath in Carribean.

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Back to the normal life then – traffic jams in two lines etc.

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