Amazingly the weather is still sunny (where are the famous Iceland weather flips?). About 250km to drive today from Djupivogur to the today’s destination Egilsstadir. At the beginning we drive 18km by the ocean shore to Sveinsstekksfoss waterfall on a shore of Berufjorsur fjord. The waterfall is visible from the highway already. We climb to get closer to it and then follow a little bit further for a couple of smaller waterfalls.

Then we drive around the Berufjorsur fjord and further by the ocean shore to Breiddalsvik. Breiddalsvik town is located at the shore of a bay, they who are in hurry can save the time and drive to the town by the bridge across the bay. We decide though to go around by the gravel road. At the very end of the fjord up in the meadow stands a beautiful white church.

Breiddalsvik with its 139 inhabitants is not large at all. Still it has an old port and a fish factory. It has a bank, post office and black beaches as well. And hotels were you can select between sights on mountains or sights on the ocean.

Driving further by the ocean shore we notice a waterfall up in the hills. To get there we walk almost an hour uphill by the mountain streem Slettua. The waterfall is lovely indeed. It may be less impressive than Skogafoss or some others but it belongs now to us two only. The water falls down by the steep gully between two cliff walls.

No way to go further by the stream. We leave it and climb uphill around the hill to get back above the waterfall. Nearby are a couple of smaller falls to explore. Done with this we return back to the car.

We arrive at Egilsstadir at around 5pm and go directly to the accommodation. Enough impressions for today.

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