Tuc deth Port de Vielha

The track starts at the south end of the Vielha tunnel. When out of the tunnel one must drive some two hundred meters more, then turn left in a large parking lot and drive back by the right side of the highway.

The track follows the road at first then leaves it and we take an uphill path to the Porte de Vielha pass. It starts to rain before we are at the path still we proceed to the summit Tuc deth Port de Vielha. The rain does not want to stop but the clouds clear away gradually and we start to see some mountains around.

We descend after a short break by the opposite slope. The mointain is still covered by clouds therefore it is hard to understand where is the path. We try to find the way down several times and almost are ready to turn back to the summit when the clouds disappear and we find the path nearby.

We descend by the ridge to the lake Redon who is located in a giant  hollow between the mountains. There is only a narrow gap where the stream flows out of the lake. Thistles blossom round the path. The blueberries are just delicious.

When getting down we explore the Baranc der Espitau – the stream flowing out of the Redon and the waterfall.

Download file: Tuc deth Port de Vielha.gpx
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